Footpath and driveway services

Need to request footpath repairs or ask for a new pedestrian ramp? Want to construct a new driveway or front fence? You’re in the right place.

We’re committed to maintaining safe and accessible footpaths

It's our policy to provide a paved footpath on one side of each road in the City of PAE. There are a few exceptions to this policy, however, on major roads, bus routes and roads where there’s high pedestrian use or in other special circumstances where there is a footpath on both sides of the road. We aim to make sure that any new footpath we build is 1.2m wide and that, where practical and possible, it immediately abuts the kerb. During construction of a new footpath, we may alter domestic irrigation and drainage if needed.

There’s no charge for footpath construction if the footpath we are constructing is part of our maintenance program.

Damage to footpaths by builders

Builders and property owners are required to maintain safety of the footpath area in front of their developments. We monitor and assess them and will follow up with those responsible to repair any infrastructure that has been damaged during a build. You can notify us of damage to a footpath by completing a request for footpath repair.

Laying underground electrical cable

If underground electrical cables need to be placed underneath the footpath, the electrical contractor or owner of the property must submit an application before any work can begin.

Placing objects on footpaths

You can promote your business on the footpath out the front – and you don't even need a permit if you stick to our usage and placement rules for A-frames.

We can help you create a safe driveway crossover

Crossovers are the paved, asphalt or concrete link between the road and the boundary of a property. Every property must have a permanent crossover installed.

Under the Local Government Act 1999, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to construct, repair and maintain their driveway crossover to our specifications and in a safe condition.

If you want to construct a new crossover or extend an existing one, you will need to complete and return an application to complete works on council land form. We will assess your application and one of our team members will contact you about the next steps.