Grants for creatives

We recognise the important role that arts and culture play in the creation of distinctive, connected, inclusive and culturally engaged communities. We support and encourage artists by providing arts programs and activities and encouraging local participation.

Supporting artists in PAE

With our culturally rich and diverse community, the City of PAE has become an important and vibrant arts hub that is home to a significant number of artists, galleries, studios, museums, cultural organisations and events. We are so grateful for the contributions that local artists make to creating a city that is vibrant, creative and unique.

We provide support to professional and emerging artists and creatives, as well as to people involved in different kinds of arts activities, through:

  • Offering grants tailored to support the development and delivery of arts outcomes and professional practice
  • Promoting arts activity, local creatives, and venues that support arts and culture through the Port Arts Exchange
  • Providing opportunities for public art commissions and involvement in arts programs
  • Providing regular information about broader arts sector opportunities, grants, training, competitions, exhibitions, and events
  • Subsidising SALA and Fringe Festival registration
  • Holding professional development sessions and networking opportunities
  • Providing letters of support and guidance for grant applications

Grants offered

Placemaking Grant

OPEN until funding exhausted.

Up to $7,500*

The Placemaking Grant program aims to support the creation and delivery of projects in public spaces across the city. These include initiatives that improve how we feel and use our public spaces and how we can enhance the way they look, work and feel, and also how we celebrate our heritage. The program gives the community the opportunity to make their City a place where people love to be through placemaking projects of all sizes and shapes.

Grants of up to $7,500 will be available for community organisations and businesses with an ABN.
Grants of up to $1,000 will be available for individuals or informal groups without an ABN.

Arts Organisation Fund


Up to $40,000

The Arts Organisation Fund aims to provide a mechanism for sustaining, growing and developing creativity, arts and culture in our City by attracting and supporting professional arts organisations to the region.

Business Activation Grant


Up to $1,000

The Business Activation Grant program aims to support local businesses and venues to activate their space, in alignment with select large-scale Council events delivered across the year. It encourages businesses to work with performers and creative practitioners to deliver a critical mass of activity around significant events.

Creative Industry Grant


Up to $5,000

The Creative Industry Grant program aims to support creative practitioners of all disciplines to grow their practice and deliver projects that contribute to PAE’s vision for a strong, creative, impactful and sustainable arts ecology. 

This grant program is currently under review.

Events Grant

OPEN until funding exhausted.

Up to $15,000*

The Events Grant program aims to help create a community that is inclusive, cohesive, creative and prosperous through the support of a program of accessible and diverse community events and festivals across the City.

Neighbourhood Events - up to $1,000
Community Events - up to $7,500
Regional Events - up to $15,000

Local creative opportunities

Paint Ya Pole

Do you want to be creative, add some colour and make a difference in your local neighbourhood? That’s awesome, because we're inviting PAE residents and groups to paint their local stobie poles!

It's easy to get involved:

  1. First, take a full-length photo of the stobie pole/s you want to paint (making sure that you don't cut off the top or the bottom of the pole in your photograph)
  2. Fill in your details, along with the location of the pole/s that you would like to paint, and attach your photo/s to the SA Power Networks (SAPN) online application form here
  3. Once you have received permission from SAPN, please complete this online form on our website and attach your SAPN approval and concept drawing of what you are planning to paint
  4. It's important to let your neighbours know that you're intending to paint a pole. We are making this step super easy as you can download and print this Neighbour consent letter (PDF, 102.55 KB), fill it out and pop it into your neighbour’s letterbox, so that you can make them aware and to get their support. (Please note that if someone objects to the idea, it may not be possible to proceed. In addtion, SAPN reserves the right to paint over any pole that doesn’t comply with their criteria)
  5. When you receive the all-clear from the City of PAE to proceed with painting your pole/s, you will have access to some free paint to complete your pole and anti-graffiti coating to protect it, thanks to our Paint Bank. All you need to provide is a couple of brushes and your creativity!

Tiny Gems

Tiny Gems is a fun and innovative art project through which local artists continue to bring joy to their communities. Tiny Gems artworks are beautiful, unexpected interventions in public spaces across the City of PAE. Some Tiny Gems were designed to be temporary, while others are more permanent. Over 50 pieces of Tiny Gems art have been created since the project’s inception in 2020.

We worked with 'It's Port Adelaide' to shoot a series of videos that captures the project. along with the passion that the artists put into their work.

Programs and activities guide

PAE is the place to be if you are looking to get involved in a local arts and crafts group. Regular opportunities are on offer at our libraries and community centres. Our program and activities guide contains listings of where you can have a go at painting, sewing, cake decorating, quilting, card making – and more.

Find an art group in the programs and activities guide

Go on show at the Visitor Information Centre

The Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre (VIC) runs a gallery space to showcase the works of artists, craftspeople and designers. Booking requests to hire the art gallery are subject to a selection process, with preference given to artists who live in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield or whose art has some connection to our city. Other venue ideas are available on the PAX website.

Apply to show your artwork in the VIC