Local nuisances

Learn what constitutes a local nuisance, and what we will and won't investigate.

What is a local nuisance?

Local nuisance is described in the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016 as being any activity that interferes with other people enjoying and feeling safe in an area. This includes not only private places (both indoor and out), but also public and community areas such as parks, recreation areas and commercial precincts.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to be mindful of unwarranted smoke, excessive noise, nuisance dust or unkempt properties. You must always seek to minimise these as much as possible.

We will investigate complaints about:

Are you experiencing one of these issues?

Before you contact us, try to discuss your concerns with the people (for example, neighbours) who are at the location where the nuisance is coming from, as they may not be aware that they’re causing a nuisance. Often simple solutions can be found which satisfy everyone.

Generally, we will only become involved if an issue within the community (such as between neighbours) can’t be fixed without our involvement or if the nuisance is a broad-scale issue involving multiple parties.

Contact the City of PAE on 8405 6600

We don’t investigate complaints about:

Sometimes we grant exemptions from nuisance-causing activities

Exemptions may be reasonable for short-term activities – such as festivals, events or major construction activities – where some level of noise, dust, odour or other local nuisance is likely to be unavoidable.

Exemption applications must be accompanied by a nuisance management plan describing the steps that will be taken to prevent, minimise or address any adverse effects on the amenity value of the area concerned and also describing the exceptional circumstances that exist to justify the granting of an exemption.

Before you start an application for an exemption, please give us a call on 8405 6600 so that we can provide advice on your application, and provide you with the relevant forms if necessary.

List of current exemptions

Application: Hansen Yuncken
Exemption location: Lot 101 Victoria Rd, Outer Harbour
Period: 24 May – 24 August 2024, from 7pm - 7am Monday to Saturday and 24 hours on Sundays and Public Holidays
Activity: Concrete pouring and pumping

Application: Sarah Build Pty Ltd
Exemption location: Lot 1001 Panama Dr New Port
Period: 18 June 2024 - 19 July 2024 6am - 5pm
Activity: General construction works associated with concrete pouring