Using public spaces for business purposes

Businesses and organisations can use the public space to conduct their business or promotional activities, providing a permit has been granted. Discover how to get a permit for activities like handing out promotional flyers or selling products from a temporary pop-up stall.

When undertaking activities of this nature:

  • A minimum of 1.8 metres is expected to remain clear to maintain pedestrian access. In instances when the usual width of the footpath is less than 1.8 metres then provisions are to be made to maintain pedestrian access in line with the usual footpath width.
  • One location is permitted to be used twice in a calendar month.
  • The activation can occur daily between the hours of 7 am to 7 pm, without the use of amplification.
  • A maximum of four representatives from the business or organisation will be permitted as part of the activation.

Types of business or promotional activities undertaken in the public space.

Fundraising and Donations - Charities and Not-for-profits organisations that are licensed to collect under the Collections for Charitable Purposes Act 1939 and are registered with Consumer and business Services or Australian Charities and Not-for-profits are eligible to apply for a permit under this category.

Survey or Petitions- Surveys and petitions are used to engage with the public and help with the collection of research data or gain support for a cause.

Distribution of Printed Materials - Printed material can be handed out in the public space to raise community awareness or advertise a business or a product.

Handing out Free Samples - The public space can be used to distribute free merchandise or sealed food products, with no obligation being placed on the person accepting the sample.

The sample must not be in direct conflict or competition to local fixed business and therefore the location of this activity needs to be undertaken 50 meters or more away from a fixed business offering the same or similar products.

Preaching - Groups or individuals may preach religious or moral beliefs within the public space. This may include delivering a religious sermon or address that members of the passing public may become interested in, the distribution of information or material to the public relating to a religious or moral belief or the use of infrastructure (i.e. such as tables/chairs) to support this activity.

To align with the objectives of the Community Land Management Plan – Passive Recreation Reserves, the above activities are not supported within reserves (including the footpaths and car parks associated with reserves), when the main objective is to promote and/or bring attention to the primary nature of a business, organisation or community group. This does not preclude a business, organisation or community group from organising a recreational festival, event or social gathering which can be enjoyed by the broader community via a reserve booking.

Operation of Mobile Businesses and Services - Mobile health services, pop up trading stalls and mobile catering for private events are supported by the City of Port Adelaide when initiated by a business based within the Port Adelaide Enfield Area and/or provides benefit to the immediate community.

When selecting the trading the location consideration must be given to ensure:

  • The usual vehicle and pedestrian traffic are not impacted which may include the need for effective queue and traffic management.
  • Access is maintained to footpaths, driveways, buildings and parking areas used by people with disabilities
  • This does not interfere with the use of bikes lanes, bus and taxi zones.
  • The availability of the usual parking spaces is not severely reduced.

In addition, mobile health services and pop-up trading stalls must be located 500 metres or more away from fixed businesses who primarily trade in the same or similar product.

  • Mobile Health Services - Non-commercial, registered mobile health services which benefit the local community such as breast cancer screening or bone density testing are able to operate from the public space.
  • Pop-up Trading Stalls - Most commonly this relates to temporary trading stalls selling produce such as fruit, vegetables or flowers, however other produce may be considered.
  • Private catering – Mobile Food Businesses - Mobile food vendors are able to obtain a permit to operate from the footpath, road or reserve when booked and hired by person/s, business, organisation or community group to cater privately with no sales being made to the general public. Please note mobile food vendors selling to the general public are required to trade in the designated spots and adhere to the operation requirements as outlined in the Mobile Food Vending Policy.

Further information about the eligibility criteria can be viewed in the Use of Public Space for Business Purposes Guidelines.


An application fee of $286 applies, plus an additional permit fee of $51.50 per day.

Applying for a permit

An application can be made online or in person.

You may need to submit the following documents as part of your application:

  • A Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million, noting City of Port Adelaide Enfield as an interested party.
  • A copy of any material or photo of samples to be handed out (if applicable).
  • If using infrastructure, provide a site map including placement of equipment being used and the dimensions of the space to be occupied
  • Donations and fundraising activities require a copy of the charity’s registration with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) or Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) or confirmation your organisation is a not-for-profit or limited by guarantee organisation.

Your permit application will take seven working days to process.

Apply for a fundraising/ donation permit

Apply for a free samples, printed materials, survey or petitions permit

Apply for a preaching permit

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