Cycling in PAE

We’re here to help you explore the City of PAE on bike. Learn about our free bike hire, read about major cycle routes, and get up to speed on cycling laws.

Port Adelaide Enfield is a city designed for cycling

Cycling has health and environmental benefits as a means of both transport and recreation, and we’re proud to have a vast network of bike paths and routes throughout the City of PAE.

Our Walking and Cycling Plan seeks to build upon the unique aspects of the City of PAE and provide an integrated and sustainable transport system that will improve cyclist safety, increase the number of cyclists, connect communities and raise the status of cycling as an enjoyable and legitimate form of transport.

We run a free bike hire program

Our bike hire program makes it quick and easy to grab a bike and go for a ride. Hire your free bike from the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre and set out on a ride around the Port’s State Heritage Area and the Waterfront Loop Path.

You’ll find the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre at 66 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide. It’s open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm, except for Christmas Day.

Major cycle routes

The Outer Harbor Greenway provides a safe, direct, continuous and attractive link from the city to Port Adelaide and the Lefevre Peninsula.

The 20km route begins at the River Torrens Linear Park in the Adelaide Parklands and connects to the Coast Park at Outer Harbor. It generally follows local streets fronting the Outer Harbor railway line, diverging from the railway through Port Adelaide across the Birkenhead Bridge.

Along the Outer Harbor Greenway, different painted logos called 'sharrows' have been used. A sharrow is a bicycle logo with two chevrons, or arrows, above it. These are placed closer to the centre of the street, unlike the standard bicycle logos that are placed next to the kerb. The sharrows are intended to position cyclists away from parked cars (away from the 'door zone'). Similar to standard painted bicycle logos, they don’t designate a particular part of the street for the exclusive use of people riding bikes, nor do they affect parking or vehicle access.

The Levels–City Bikeway comprises an 18km route from North Adelaide to Mawson Lakes. It traverses several areas, including the City of PAE's Galway Avenue, Robert Avenue, Kent Avenue, Radford Avenue and Montrose Avenue. The path also goes through State Sports Park.

Major road crossings along this route are managed by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure (DIT), who are currently preparing concept designs for the intersections of the Levels–City Bikeway. The Grand Junction Road improvement for the Levels–City Bike Route has been completed.

Originally established for flood mitigation in 1982, the River Torrens Linear Park (RTLP) has since been transformed into a popular recreational and commuter off-road cyclist route.

It also allows for easy cyclist access to the O-Bahn interchanges at Klemzig and Paradise, where bicycle lockers are provided.

The City of PAE is fortunate to have the shared path trail form part of its eastern boundary.

The RTLP was completed in 1997 and was one of the first major shared paths of its kind in Australia. No one could foresee its future popularity, and it now carries high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists comprising both commuters and recreational users.

Coast Park was a State Government initiative in partnership with the six metropolitan coast councils to develop a continuous 70km linear park along the Adelaide coastline from North Haven to Sellicks Beach.

Most sections of Coast Park include the following facilities:

  • A shared pedestrian/cycling path or boardwalk
  • Benches and picnic areas
  • Toilets (some with change rooms and showers)
  • Motorised vehicle and bicycle parking

The cycle and walk loop path provides a 3.5km loop around the Port Adelaide Inner Harbour, incorporating a shared use path and views of the Port River.

Cycling FAQs

The Department for Transport and Infrastructure (DIT) maintains a system of maps of cycling facilities over the whole metropolitan area called Bike Direct. These maps are comprehensive and show all cycling facilities across our city.

The Cycle Instead Journey Planner generates cycling routes using the Bike Direct network. These routes consist of main roads, bike lanes, local streets, off-road paths and some unsealed paths. The tool allows the user to customise the route type to suit rider confidence levels and ability.

Cyclists of all ages are allowed to ride on footpaths. Cyclists and pedestrians have responsibilities and a duty of care to keep everyone safe. Interactions between pedestrians and cyclists on footpaths are subject to requirements under the Road Traffic Act and the Australian Road Rules. These requirements include:

  • A cyclist on a footpath must, if necessary to avoid danger, give warning (by bell, horn or other means) to pedestrians or others using the footpath
  • A cyclist must give way to pedestrians on a footpath
  • A cyclist must keep left unless it's impracticable to do so
  • A cyclist must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a pedestrian
  • In conditions of low light, cyclists must display a white light on the front of their bike and a red light and reflector on the rear, so that they can be seen by other road and path users

Cyclists must ride their bicycle to the conditions of the footpath and exercise a duty of care for all users.

These laws don’t exempt cyclists from riding on a footpath where ‘Bicycles Prohibited’ signs exist; these prohibit all cyclists including elderly and children. To report incidents of riding on prohibited paths, give SAPOL a call on 131 444.

Read more about roads, streets and parking and footpaths in PAE.

The Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group (PortBUG) is a local community group working with councils, State Government and Port Adelaide communities to advance provision for practical, day-to-day bicycle use and transport.

Stay in touch via their website and Facebook pages and read about using your bike for everyday transport across the City of PAE.