Climate change action

We’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions by installing rooftop solar and electric vehicle (EV) chargers and fostering partnerships to build climate resilience.

We’re committed to stronger action on climate change

Our changing climate will cause problems, not just for us but also for future generations. Some of the ways it will affect us all include:

  • Heavier floods will put pressure on stormwater drains
  • Beaches will erode and there will be storm surges
  • There will be more extremely hot days and more heatwaves
  • There will be more very high and extreme fire danger days
  • There will be less water in rivers and lakes
  • Conditions for native plants and animals will worsen

You can find out more about Australia’s future climate from the CSIRO.

Reducing community greenhouse gas emissions

Our local area has a large population and a high level of commerce and industry, so our major sources of greenhouse gas emissions are gas, transport, and electricity. These findings are shown in Port Adelaide Enfield's community emissions profile, called Snapshot.

We've already started helping you to reduce your emissions by:

Reducing the City of PAE’s greenhouse gas emissions

To get started, we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30% by 2025 and by at least 60% by 2030. We also plan to carve out a path to net zero emissions, starting in 2030. Over the last three years, we’ve reduced our emissions at PAE by 24% by:

  • Using 100% green power
  • Electrifying our light vehicle fleet
  • Putting solar panels on our buildings and using less energy
  • Being involved in decarbonising the South Australian electricity grid

We track our progress using the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. You can see how we’re doing in the infographic below.

Read our Corporate Net Zero Emissions Plan

Our emission reduction progress

LED Lighting upgrades

During 2023–24, we are replacing approximately 6,500 residential streetlights with energy efficient LEDs to save cost and reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions. This is just part of Phase One of the bulk LED upgrade, which we have committed to as part of our Annual Business Plan, which sets out our priorities for the year. The cost is approximately $3.83 million.

Our climate partnerships


We've partnered with the City of Charles Sturt and the City of West Torrens to understand how climate change is affecting Western Adelaide and to:

  • Review climate change science
  • Take a snapshot of our area’s environmental, social and economic features
  • Identify what we value in our area and assess how at risk it is
  • Work out how we respond to all these challenges

AdaptWest is partially funded by the three partner councils, with additional funding for a co-ordinator role provided by Green Adelaide.

Our City Power Partnership Pledge

We declared a climate emergency in 2019. In 2021, we took our City Power Partnership pledge, in which we committed to:

  • Establishing a net zero emissions target for the organisation and preparing a funded plan to meet that target
  • Investigating the establishment of a City of PAE virtual power plant
  • Completing a business case for Council’s consideration to enable a bulk replacement of streetlights with LEDs
  • Establishing formal partnerships and working with local developers to deliver leading-edge sustainable design outcomes in new developments across the City of PAE
  • Progressing the rollout of EV charging stations to create a city-wide network of infrastructure that supports the transition to a low carbon transport system

Our EV Fleet Pledge

We’re a founding partner of the state government’s EV Fleet Pledge as we drive the transition to electric vehicles by:

  • Integrating plug-in electric vehicles into vehicle fleets as cost effective and fit-for-purpose models become available
  • Developing a Fleet Transition Plan that considers total cost of ownership
  • Optimising electricity demand by implementing smart charging solutions
  • Improving staff, contractor and supply chain preparedness for plug‑in EV fleet transformation
  • Participating in knowledge sharing events and annual progress reporting