Urban greening and biodiversity

Learn how and why we're planting more trees and increasing biodiversity in our parks and our ocean, as well as on our beaches.

We’re committed to conserving biodiversity

Biodiversity supports life by keeping nature balanced. When our ecosystems are healthy, everything is kept in check – from the atmosphere and climate, to water, soil and nutrient cycles.

Our Biodiversity Management Plan

Our Biodiversity Management Plan pinpoints the important habitats across our coastline, sand dunes, mangroves, woodlands, parks and reserves. Working on the ground with local community groups, we protect and enhance the biodiversity of these areas. Every year, we report on the progress of each project so you’ll know whether we're on track.

Our Open Space Strategy

We manage open space across the City of PAE so that you can enjoy our parks, ovals and beaches while we all protect the environment.  We limit development and improve biodiversity in some areas that need special protection, including:

  • The tidal wetlands and mangroves at Gillman
  • Folland Park at Enfield
  • Mangrove Cove at Ethelton
  • The coastal dune system from Semaphore to North Haven

Our commitment to urban greening

High-density development and climate change are making our suburbs hotter and drier. Shade from trees is the best way to cool our area during summer. Trees also clean our air and provide habitat for wildlife.

In addition, trees add character to your neighbourhood, increase the value of your property and reduce your electricity bills.

Our tree canopy target

By 2050, we want to increase the tree canopy by 35% across the City of PAE. To hit this big goal, we’ll need to:

  • Plant 3,000 new trees in our streets and reserves each year
  • Encourage property owners to plant 500 new trees each year

We’ve already given hundreds of free 1m-tall trees to property owners across our hottest suburbs through our Get Shady program.

We're also helping property owners to maintain regulated or significant trees on their property, by providing a small grant to assist with maintenance. Financial reimbursement for tree maintenance can help cover pruning or pest treatments.

Tips for tree planting and care

The best time for you to plant trees is May to August, when the temperature is cooler and our first winter rains can help establish your trees. Visit the Tree and Verge services page for more information about how we care for trees in PAE.

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