Helicopter permits

Helicopter permits

Reserves in our city can be used for helicopter landings and take-offs if you have a permit. The preferred locations for helicopter landings are sporting ovals and the foreshore. Landings in the vicinity of the coastal dunes system and wetland areas are prohibited in the interests of protecting biodiversity.

Applying for a helicopter permit

You can apply online or in person. You may need to submit the following documents as part of your application:

  • Approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the proposed landing
  • The contact details of the pilot
  • The registration, make and model of the aircraft
  • A Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million, noting the City of Port Adelaide Enfield as an interested party
  • A site and traffic management plan showing the exact area and dimensions of the helicopter landing site and demonstrating how members of the public using the reserve will be safely managed around the landing site (including the number and positioning of spotters)
  • Consent from the sporting licence holder of the reserve for the area to be used as the proposed location for the helicopter landing site (if applicable)
  • A copy of the notification and/or consultation undertaken with impacted stakeholders, who may include sporting licences holders, nearby residents or businesses (if applicable)

Your helicopter permit application will take seven working days to process.


A bond may be required. This will be determined in accordance with the deemed level of risk as set out in the Fees and Charges Schedule for Casual Reserve Charges.