Information for public pools

If you’re planning to open a pool in the City of PAE, this page has important information to help you keep your visitors safe. Members of the public can also use the information on this page to make a complaint about a public swimming pool or spa.

Opening a public pool or spa in the City of PAE?

If you’re planning to open a public swimming pool or spa, you’ll need to notify the City of PAE before you open for business. Use this form to tell us if you are:

  • Opening a new public pool or spa pool
  • Changing the ownership or lease arrangements of an existing business
  • Updating your business details (for example, your ABN, contact details, address or email)

If you're not sure whether you should notify us about something, give our Environmental Health Team a call on 8405 6600.

Keeping your pool visitors safe

We regulate and inspect public pools and spas and provide educational support to their owners

We regulate and inspect all public pools across the City of PAE and offer educational support to their owners. This helps pool operators provide safe and controlled swimming for everyone in our community. Watch this video to learn more.

Which safety regulations apply?

Public pools and spas must comply with the South Australian Public Health (General) Regulations 2013. These regulations list the required ranges of chemical concentrations in the water, along with the equipment required to maintain a pool, such as automatic dosing and filtration.

Our Environmental Health Officers conduct routine inspections to make sure that you are complying with these regulations.

SA Health provides the following resources:

  • Information about health issues related to public pools and spa pools
  • Printable pool user responsibility posters
  • Regulations, guidelines and fact sheets on the operation and maintenance of public pools and spa pools

Using public pools and spas in the City of PAE

Report a problem about a public pool or spa

If you attend a public swimming pool or spa pool in the City of PAE and you’re worried about its hygiene or about the quality of its water, you can report the problem. Your report will go to one of our Environmental Health Officers to investigate.