Community rooms for hire

Need a space to host a community activity space or a meeting? We provide plenty of community rooms for hire throughout the City of PAE.

There are some great options for hiring a community room in PAE, which can be used as an activity space or for meetings.

How to book a community room

Bookings can only be made two weeks in advance - please call the relevant library to ask about availability.

Community rooms for hire
Greenacres Library and Council Office

2 Fosters Road, Greenacres
Ph: 8405 6540
Options: Community Room, Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room 2

Enfield Library and Council Office

1 Kensington Crescent, Enfield
Ph: 8405 6530 
Options: Community Room 1, Community Room 2, Meeting Room 1

Parks Library

46 Trafford Street, Angle Park
Ph: 8405 6550 
Community Room 1, Community Room 2, Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room 2

Port Adelaide Library

2-4 Church Street, Port Adelaide
Ph:8405 6580
Community Room

Conditions of hire

Before you book, make sure you read the conditions of facilities hire and the Community Centres and Hall Hire Council Policy.