Placement of items on footpaths permits

We encourage fixed businesses to utilise the footpath in front of their businesses and organisations to promote products and services on offer, ranging from the use of an A-Frame through to business opening events.

A permit is not required to use an A-Frame providing placement and usage complies with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s By-Law Number 2 - Moveable Signs.

All other items placed on the footpath can be used once a permit has been obtained.

To be eligible for a permit:

  • Items are to be placed kerbside with a minimum setback of 600 millimetres from the kerb when adjacent to parallel parking or 900 mm when adjacent to angle parking. This will provide an unobstructed and consistent walkway for pedestrians, particularly for the vision impaired.
  • A minimum of 1.8 metres is expected to remain clear from the building line to maintain pedestrian access. If 1.8 metres cannot be maintained an assessment will be made on a case-by-case bases to determine if placement of items on the footpath is feasible considering the volume of pedestrian traffic.
  • Setback of a minimum of 1 metre from existing public infrastructure, such as trees, seats, bins, access to underground service.
  • Have a max height of 1.5 metres to maintain sight lines for footpath and road users.
  • Maintaining adequate sight lines for vehicles, motorcycles and cyclists are vitally important at intersections.
  • Items cannot be placed adjacent to bus, taxi, loading zones, disabled carparking and pedestrian crossings.
  • The Placement of Items on the Footpath Guidelines resource has been designed to provide details of the different types of items that are commonly used, the required setbacks and safe placement.

The temporary use of the public space adjacent to an existing business can be used for promotional activity which engages the public.

If the nature of the promotion is different to the usual offerings of your business, then this must not be in direct conflict or competition with neighbouring businesses.

Marquees, BBQs or other infrastructure can be used. A site map outlining the area to be used, the placement of the infrastructure, the dimensions of the area to be occupied and detailing how queues will be managed (if applicable) will need to be provided with the application.

A once off application fee of $286 is required.

An annual permit fee is charged at $22.50 per square meter, for temporary short term use a permit fee of $51.50 per day is charged.

An application can be made online or in person.

You will need to submit the following documents as part of your application:

  • A Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million, noting City of Port Adelaide Enfield as an interested party.
  • A site map including placement of the item being used and the dimensions of the space to be occupied
  • An image of the item.
  • Fixed businesses selling food to the general public as part of a business opening or anniversary activation will be required to provide a Food Business Notification Number.

Your Placement of Items on Footpath permit application will take seven working days to process.