Living Environment Strategy

When we protect the environment, we also protect the health, economic and social wellbeing of future generations. We’re raising awareness, supporting community-based projects, delivering environmental programs and working with other levels of government to protect and enhance our local environment and our quality of life.

Our Living Environment Strategy

Our City Vision 2030 includes a vision to create a city that is low carbon, water sensitive and climate resilient. It also includes a commitment to:

  • Accelerate actions to adapt to climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Manage energy, water and waste resources sustainably

Our Living Environment Strategy 2017–2022 is at the heart of this commitment and focuses on:

  • Identifying and progressing economic opportunities that support the environment, including green industries and nature-based tourism
  • Enabling and supporting greater community engagement and participation in environmental programs and advocacy
  • Ensuring that we provide open space, and increasing urban greening in a period of intensified and higher density development
  • Protecting, respecting and celebrating the city's natural, cultural and built heritage
  • Managing coastal development to protect and enhance the coastal ecosystem
  • Building resilience and adaptation to the predicted impacts of climate change, including increased flooding and heatwaves

Living Environment videos

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