Beach Access Mats

About Accessible Beach Mats

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield wants to provide the best opportunity for all residents to access public spaces. Beach Mats provide a number of accessible points in key locations along our coastline. We are currently trialing two different types of mats at two locations along the foreshore.

Each beach mat consists of a long, sturdy ‘mat’ which is placed on the top of soft sand, to enable wheeled mobility aids (such as wheelchairs or prams) and those who have difficulty walking to reach the firmer sand at the water’s edge. However it cannot always be guaranteed that the Beach Access Mats will reach the hard sand due to the constant changing sand and tides, the mats are placed in position where the majority of time they will reach hard sand.

It is important that the areas surrounding the Beach Mat locations also provide accessible and inclusive facilities. Council has worked collaboratively with the local community to ensure the mats have been placed in areas where there are other supporting elements such as parking and toilet facilities.

Beach Access mats can be found at the following locations

Access Mat 3. Opposite Arthur Street- Noonies Cafe, Semaphore
Now available

Noonies beach access mat

To view/ print images of the mat at this location Click here (PDF, 766.82 KB)

Access Mat 4. Opposite Hill Street, Semaphore
Now available

To view/ print images of the mat at this location Click here(PDF, 701.5 KB)

Beach Access Mat 04

How do I report issues with the Accessible Beach Mats?

The Beach Access Mats will be maintained to a reasonable standard by Council but are subject to the natural environment and changeable weather conditions. Mats may become slippery, with dew early in the morning, late in the evening and with rain in inclement conditions. It also possible that the beach mats may become covered in sand and other coastal debris.

Each Beach Mat has a unique number to help identify issues. The number assigned can be found on a sign located near each mat.

If you notice that the mats require maintenance please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at

Why isn’t the Beach Mat there today?

If a damaging storm is forecast Council will be required to remove all Beach Mats to prevent damage or injury, we will replace them as soon as possible after the weather has improved.

From time to time the Beach Mats require maintenance. Council may not always be able to provide any advanced notification of the works, however Council will work hard to minimise the impacts caused by the removal of a mat. We would encourage you to use one of the other locations until the works have been completed.