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City Plan 2030

Our Vision

A city that values its diverse community and embraces change through innovation, resilience and community leadership

The City Plan 2030 captures and presents the vision and aspirations for PAE and encapsulates what we believe is important for our future development.

Read our City Plan 2030 here

Our Plan is organised under five main themes: Economy; Community; Environment & Heritage; Placemaking; and Leadership. Each theme has an outcome statement; strategies and outlines what we will deliver to achieve on each outcome statement. In developing the City Plan, we also assessed its Strategies against the United Nations Sustainability Goals which can be accessed here.

The City Plan is underpinned by a suite of Strategic, Financial and Asset Management Plans which have more detailed objectives and activities to ensure we are sustainable long term.

The community indicators survey was introduced to better understand our community’s perception about the City. Results are then fed into our City Scorecard which informs how changes in the city are on track with our aspiration s as embodied in the City Plan 2030.

Every dollar of your rates makes it possible for us to undertake a huge number of activities that help keep our community vibrant, safe and healthy. Click here to see the breakdown.