New Residents

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield came into being on 26 March 1996 with the amalgamation of the former City of Enfield and former City of Port Adelaide. You are now part of a council that stretches for 32km from hills to sea, covers an area of 97 square kilometres and has an estimated population of approximately 120,400.

What your Council does

The Council exists to:

  • Plan, monitor, regulate and administer the City's financial and community assets.
  • Ensure the effective use of resources to enhance the quality of life in the City.
  • Provide vision, leadership and accountability.

Waste and Recycling

Visit Council's Waste Services page for information relating to waste and recycling or contact Wasteline on Freecall 1800 777 844.

Waste Services


Council promotes responsible dog and cat ownership. At the present time, there are no specific cat controls. However, if you are caring for a dog that is registered in another council area, you have 14 days to contact Council and arrange transfer details and a new disc. There are restrictions on the number of dogs allowed and these can be explained by our Customer Service staff. Visit our Animal Management web pages for further information on dog registration and responsible dog ownership.