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Community Services

What is the Community Services Program?

Our Community Services Program form part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program to provide an entry-level home help service to eligible residents.

Funding from the Commonwealth Home Support Program is for older people who are able to live and cope on their own, and don’t yet need higher levels of support at home. To get support at home, you need a home support assessment (conducted by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). My Aged Care can work out what’s best for you.

As well as helping you, the Commonwealth Home Support Program can help your carer. If your carer needs to attend to everyday activities, the Commonwealth Home Support Program can arrange for someone to help you while they are away. It’s important to talk to the My Aged Care contact centre ahead of time, if possible.

What types of services are provided?

  • social support – social activities in a community-based group setting

  • transport – helps people get out and about for shopping or appointments.

  • domestic assistance – household jobs like cleaning

  • home maintenance – minor general repair and care of your house or yard, for example, changing light bulbs or replacing tap washers

  • home modification – minor installation of safety aids such as alarms, ramps and support rails in your home

Assessment by a staff member or via My Aged Care is required to access services. Subsidised fees may apply.

To access further information about current services please contact 8405 6804.

Community Services and Programs

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Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

The staff at City of Port Adelaide Enfield Community Services team respect the rights of our consumers to receive individually tailored services appropriate to their needs.

Responsibilities of Consumers

Consumers have a responsibility to provide staff with any information that is appropriate and necessary to them in providing the service.

Consumers have a responsibility to treat staff, volunteers and other consumers with respect.
Staff acknowledge the consumers right to accept or refuse any service offered. As such consumers accept responsibility for the outcome of their decision. Staff will endeavour to assist with referral to alternative services where appropriate.

Consumers of our services are provided with a copy of the Consumer Rights Charter at the time of accessing services and then periodically during the service period.

The staff at City of Port Adelaide Enfield Community Services and Programs are audited every 3 years through the funding body to ensure we meet the current standards required for the services we provide.

Consumer Rights

  • To be assessed for services without discrimination

  • To be fully informed and make choices between available services

  • Dignity and privacy (information will only be passed on to any other source with the consumer's permission)

  • To withdraw consent at any time

  • To complain and to have that complaint dealt with fairly, promptly and in confidence without fear of retribution

  • To refuse services

  • To appeal any decision regarding service provision made by Port Adelaide Enfield Community Services and Programs

  • To involve an advocate of the consumer's choice

  • To request access to information held by Council, in accordance with FOI (Freedom of Information) legislation

What to do if you have concerns

If you, your carer, or anyone else is concerned about the care or services you received, it is important that you discuss this with your service provider first.

If, after discussion with the service provider you do not believe the service provider is meeting their obligations, or that the care and services you are receiving are not appropriate to the level of funding you are receiving for the Home Care Package or services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, you may want to contact the National Aged Care Advocacy Program or the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner.

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner

Home Care Standards

Under the Home Care Standards, service providers need to:

  • give you information about your services

  • speak with you about any changes to these services

  • respect your privacy and dignity

  • handle your concerns or complaints fairly and confidentially.

The Standards also make sure you are able to choose someone to speak on your behalf (an advocate) in the case of any concerns or complaints.

My Aged Care - Advocacy and Complaints