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Cats can be a fantastic form of companionship, however cat ownership involves many responsibilities.  As an owner you must ensure your cat is fed, cared for and does not roam from your property.

In South Australia all cats must be registered in Dogs and Cats Online (DACO), the state-wide database for all dogs, cats, microchip, desexing and breeder registration.  Owners are required to register their cat in DACO, which can be done using the cat’s microchip number.  You should be provided with your cat’s microchip number from your vet, microchip implanter, shelter or breeder.  There is no registration fee for cats in the City of PAE.

Maintaining your details on Dogs and Cats Online is important and each July owners will receive a reminder to log in and ensure your details are up to date.

In the event that your cat passes away or is lost for more than 72 hours you must update your cat’s record in DACO. you can select ‘deceased’ or ‘lost’ from the animal status drop down menu on your cats record. If you are unsure how to do this please contact Customer Relations on 8405 6600

If your cat is surrendered to the RSPCA or AWL or is given to a new owner, their registration must be transferred to the new owner.  You will need to initiate a transfer in DACO and provide the new owner with the transfer number. For more information on this process please see link to the Dog and Cat Management Board home page -

All cats born after 1 July 2018 are required to be microchipped and desexed by law.

Cats must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age and owners are required to register the microchip number in DACO.  Cats must be desexed before it is 6 months of age, or within 28 days after a new owner takes ownership of the cat if older than 6 months. Some exemptions can apply, visit the Dog and Cat Management Board website for details.

We know that cats are important and loved companions to many residents. However, cats that tend to wander can cause unwanted behaviour and can create a nuisance in the neighbourhood. If an unwelcome cat enters your property, we encourage you to approach its owner in a friendly manner to explain the impact the cat is having on you.  If you treat the issue as a shared problem and work together on finding a solution, you are likely to achieve a positive result.  If taking this approach does not solve the problem please call Customer Relations on 8405 6600 to log a nuisance cat complaint which will be forwarded onto Community Safety for investigation. Please be advised if the cat is a stray Council are unable to investigate.

If you find an unidentified nuisance cat on your property you can humanely trap the cat, if the cat has some form of identification (wearing a collar or microchipped) you must release the cat immediately. If the cat is classified as a stray, these cats can be taken to the Animal Welfare League.  These organisations will then determine whether the cat can be rehomed, or euthanatized humanely.  If you trap a cat you must provide it shelter and water.  Please ensure the cat is not left in the trap for no longer than 12 hours as this constitutes an act of animal cruelty.

There are laws which regulate breeding and selling cats in South Australia.  The most significant are listed below.

  • Breeders and sellers must adhere to the South Australian Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals.
  • Breeders intending to sell cats they have bred must register in Dogs and Cats Online
  • A cat can’t be sold without a microchip.
  • The cat must be desexed by six months of age
  • Any advertisement selling a cat must include the seller and breeders’ contact details and breeder registration number.
  • Sellers/breeders must provide specific information to purchasers, eg. seller and breeders’ details; breeders’ Dogs and Cats Online number; vaccination details; desexing details; microchip details; known illnesses or medical conditions

For more information on breeding, selling and buying visit