Parking and Expiation Notices

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield manages parking on public streets, as well as on land owned by Council. By adhering to parking signs and Australian Road Rules it will assist in improving traffic flow, and ensure a safe and fair environment on the roads.

Parking signs can apply to a length of road, an area or a car park. It is important that you look for signs when entering any street or car park. They may not be right next to your car. If a sign is located at a distance from your vehicle, you should leave your vehicle and move to a point from which you can clearly read every panel of the sign to ensure that the position in which you have chosen to park is legal.

Reading every panel of a sign is vital. Each panel could contain information relating to the location in which you want to park your car. The panels with the arrows pointing towards your car will advise which restrictions apply to you. Don't forget, some areas can have several different types of restriction in a single day i.e. timed parking, permit zone, loading zone. Information relating to the days and times when restrictions apply can vary from location to location. Each sign will tell you when it applies.

Parking signs should be checked every time you park your car, even if you are familiar with the area. Restrictions and/or the days and times when restrictions apply are occasionally amended to meet the changing needs of the community. Some streets can have several different restrictions operating at once eg: Semaphore Road has 1 hour timed areas, 2 hour timed areas, loading zones, no stopping zones, 15 minute zones etc., operating at different times of the day and night. Licensed drivers are expected to be aware of the Australian Road Rules and adhere to them at all times.

Parking Expiations

Pay under the Online Services section on Council's website or call Customer Relations on (08) 8405 6600 to pay by credit/debit card.

Payments can also be made in person at the following locations:

  • Civic Centre - 163 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide
  • Enfield Library (Council Office) - 1 Kensington Cres, Enfield
  • Greenacres Library (Council Office) - 2 Fosters Rd, Greenacres

Or by post to PO Box 110, Port Adelaide SA 5015
(payment by cheque/money order)

eCouncil - Online Services

Payment Arrangements

Apply to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit to pay the expiation in instalments or for an extension of time to pay. For more information call 1800 659 538 or visit

Extension of payments

If you cannot pay the expiation fee in full by the due date, contact Council to request an extension of time to pay the amount in full.

Penalties for overdue payment

  • Failure to pay by the due date - $65.00 late fee added, and a $10.00 motor vehicle registration search fee where applicable
  • Failure to pay on reminder notice - Enforcement with the Fines Enforcement & Recovery Unit, which will incur additional fees
  • Failure to pay on enforcement with FERU - Penalties may include additional fees, suspended drivers licence, and seizure of personal property

Disputing a parking expiation

To view your parking expiation and any associated images please visit
You will need the expiation and vehicle registration numbers which can be located on the expiation notice.

If you were not the driver/owner at the time of the offence submit a Statutory Declaration to the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. The Statutory Declaration must supply the full name and address details of the driver/owner and be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

Dispute the offence informally in writing to Council. Include all supporting documentation (e.g. RAA roadside invoice, mechanical receipt). Written disputes can be submitted in person at any of the three Council Offices, by post or send an email.

Dispute the allegation that you committed the offence and elect to be prosecuted. If you elect to be prosecuted for the offence, you may get a summons. The summons will set out when and where to attend Court. Complete the appropriate section on the expiation notice and post or deliver it to any of Council's Service Centres.

Please Note: If you dispute an expiation notice by producing a statutory declaration or other documentation and Council determines that the documentation is not acceptable as a defence and the expiation notice remains unpaid we will issue an Expiation Enforcement Warning Notice before proceeding to enforce the expiation notice through the Fines Enforcement & Recovery Unit. A $65.00 enforcement warning fee applies.

Submission for review of expiation notice(PDF, 178.85 KB)

Vehicles left on road or public place

Vehicles left on a road, street or public place for a period may be impounded by Council. Vehicles will only be impounded as a last resort after all avenues to locate the owner and have them remove the vehicle have been exhausted.

If you wish to report a vehicle that may have been abandoned, please complete online Request for Service.If you believe your vehicle has been removed by Council contact our Customer Service Centre on 8405 6600.

If the owner of the vehicle fails to seek possession of the vehicle Council is empowered to sell or in certain cases dispose of the vehicle. The sale of impounded vehicles by Tender or Auction is advertised in The Advertiser and Council's website, Public Notices.

Guide to parking

'A Guide to Parking in Port Adelaide Enfield' was produced to reduce confusion and improve the understanding of parking rules and requirements across the City . This guide sets out in simple terms parking do's and don'ts.

For further information on road rules the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure DPTI (State Government) have produced a Road Rules Pocket Guide.

Guide to parking(PDF, 682.53 KB)

My Licence - Road Rules

Residential Parking Exemptions (Permits)

To be eligible for a Residential Parking Exemption (permit), residents must be a primary owner occupier and/or tenant with a current lease and have no access to off street parking on the property. The residential parking exemption is intended where time limit parking controls are in effect at the frontage of a residential property. Residential Parking Exemptions will enable vehicles to park beyond the time limit without penalty.

To apply for a Residential Parking Exemption you must submit the following with your application form:

  • A copy of tenancy agreement/lease (if renting)
  • A copy of document verifying occupancy (Driver's Licence or Utility Document)
  • A copy of a current vehicle registration certificate (Ezy Reg)
  • Company letterhead to state it is a company vehicle (if company vehicle)
  • If requesting more than one residential parking exemption, written justification must be provided to Council.


  • Please read "Conditions of Residential Parking Permit" before applying online.
  • Please be aware the parking exemption does not permit holders to contravene any other breach of the Australian Road Rules 1999, Road Traffic Act 1961 or Council By-Law.
  • No fees are charged for the exemptions.

Residents can visit Council's Online Services website to apply online. Application Permits can also be downloaded via Council's permit webpage. If you have any other questions regarding permits, please contact us.

eCouncil - Online Services

Conditions of Residential Parking Permit

Disabled Parking Permits

Disabled Parking Permits are available from the Government of South Australia. The permits enable people with a disability to park in allocated parks for the disabled. Disability Parking permit information and application details can be found at Disability Permit page, managed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.