Stormwater and Flooding

In our City stormwater is generally discharged to the River Torrens, West Lakes, the Port River Estuary or to the sea. The Port Adelaide area is low lying consequently Council has a number of large pumping stations and holding basins to help discharge stormwater to the Port River during rain fall events.

Urban consolidation, increased building densities, smaller allotments, more paved areas and reduced open space increases stormwater run-off, and decreases the quality of water entering the system. The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is committed to reducing the amount of pollution passing through our stormwater system and into our natural waterways. The City has numerous 'gross pollutant' traps designed to collect solid waste such as littler and course sediments.

Stormwater Management Plans

A Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) is a documented, comprehensive plan which includes flood maps for areas of high risk to indicate the predicted flood levels during various storm events and to understand and implement strategies to protect against potential stormwater problems.

Council with funding support from the Adelaide and Mt Loft Ranges Natural Resource Management Board, is developing Stormwater Management Plans for catchments in the Council area, including some shared catchments with the Cities of Charles Sturt and Prospect.

To date three major catchments are in various stages of completion of Stormwater Management Plans including flood mapping (North Arm East, Hindmarsh Enfield Prospect and Torrens Road). There are also a number of major catchment studies that have been undertaken. Upgrade works are proceeding in accordance with these plans; these works include:

  • The Hargrave Street, Peterhead Pump Station catchment;
  • The Hart Street, Ethelton Pump Station catchment;
  • The Hack Street, Port Adelaide Pump Station catchment;
  • The Wellington Street, Port Adelaide Pump Station catchment
  • along with new, replacement and ongoing maintenance to pipes, drains and stormwater infrastructure.

Flood maps can be used to assist in assessing new developments and to highlight high risk areas which may require flood mitigation. Home buyers and developers can contact Council's Technical Services Department to enquire about possible possible flood risks associated with an existing property.

Current stormwater plans are available from our Plans page and current projects will be detailed on our Projects page.

Flood Awareness Maps

WaterConnect, a website managed by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources provides direct access to publications and data related to South Australia's water resources. Flood Awareness Maps are made available for the public and can be accessed on the WaterConnect website. To access the maps, please click here.

Flooding & Major Storm Events

It is important that Council work with residents on developing strategies to reduce the risk of flooding. While long-term improvements to the stormwater infrastructure are essential, it is impossible to totally eliminate risk. Council regularly maintains stormwater infrastructure as part of routine maintenance schedules, people should report if they notice damaged or blocked drains or inlets.

Council can supply a limited number of sandbags to residents if notified prior to a storm event. The State Emergency Service (SES) can also provide sandbags if more are needed. More information on storm safety and ways to minimise the impact of a storm event can be found on the SES Website.

If flooding does occur, photos or videos of the flooding event can be forwarded to Council by email or by reporting the flooding via Councils Online Services website.

Council is not responsible for burst water mains or sewerage faults. If you need assistance call SA Water on 1300 88 121.

South Australian Emergency Services

eCouncil - Online Services

New Haven Village Waste Water Treatment Facility

In the event of a blockage or an after hours emergency residents  can call Council's Customer Service Team on 8405 6600.

Capital Works Construction

The Capital Works Construction Report includes a list of works programmed for the relevant financial year such as roads, footpaths, traffic works, bus stops, stormwater drainage and reserve construction. View a summary of  current projectscurrent projects here.

Current Projects