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Urban Landscaping

Urban landscapes and landscaping contributes aesthetic, environmental, organisational and cultural value to the Council, its residents, businesses and visitors. It links culture and nature to create a sense of place and community. Urban landscapes include everything from street trees, streetscapes, nature reserves, footpaths, street furniture and public art. Council maintains, renews, develops and constructs these urban features in line with community needs and Council’s ideal to create a vibrant and attractive city that is well planned and accessible, with safe and healthy places to live, work and play.

Protecting community infrastructure during property demolition and development(PDF, 328.46 KB)

The ‘nature strip’ or ‘verge’ is an important and valued part of community open space and place making, which assists in defining the character and visual appeal of the local area. It also provides a space for safe pedestrian movement, vehicular access to private properties, public amenities including trees, furniture and road lighting; a corridor for Australia Post delivery and above or below ground service infrastructure for the provision of water, sewer, gas, electricity and telecommunication services.

This area is Crown Land that is cared for through the partnership between Council and the community. Where residents choose not to or are unable to maintain the verge adjacent to their property, Council will provide maintenance services to ensure the verge area does not present an unacceptable risk to the community.

We undertake approximately 6 to 7 mows of the verge per annum, depending upon climatic conditions. Once the verge has been mowed, the area is swept to reduce debris entering into the stormwater drainage network. Weed spraying is undertaken twice per annum and edges the water-table (road side of the verge) annually.

We welcome residents to actively maintain the verge adjacent to their property between Council operations. This may include the watering of street trees and verges during high temperatures and grass and weed reduction if required.

Many property owners wish to enhance the aesthetics of their streetscape by landscaping the verge adjacent their properties. To ensure our streets are attractive, fit for purpose, and prioritise safety; residents are requested to submit a “Verge Development Application” in accordance with Council’s “Verge Development Guidelines”. Residents can visit Council’s Online Services website to apply online or download the Application Form. There is also a plants selector tool (link below) that can assist you in picking the ideal species for your landscape project. While Council supports residents landscaping the verge, monetary or physical assistance is not provided.

The reinstatement of landscaping on a verge adjacent to a new residential development is the responsibility of the builder and/or property owner.

In Lightsview, verge landscaping is undertaken by the Lightsview developer – PEET. They can be contacted at or on 8100 2300.

Street trees contribute to the comfort and aesthetics of an area and to the wellbeing of our residents and visitors. Street trees are an important element in the urban landscape. They provide shade, reduce ambient heat in summer (by as much as 3 to 5oC), reduce air pollution, provide food and shelter for wildlife and soften the hard surfaces of building and streets.

Council typically plants advanced trees (approximately 2 metres in height) in order to make the best impact on the streetscape. Most of the trees planted are grown at our Kilburn nursery and are propagated from seed or cuttings. Tree planting is carried out during Autumn and Winter following good rains and continues until early spring. Native species are planted where ever possible.

Street trees are regularly pruned to remove dead or dying branches and overhanging growth from the footpath, traffic signs or buildings. You can lodge an online request if you notice a street tree which needs pruning.

Council does not undertake any pruning of trees around powerlines. If a street tree is near powerlines and requires pruning, please contact SA Power Networks on phone 131 261. For further information regarding trees and powerlines (refer SA Power Networks website link below).

As trees age they can become weakened or suffer pest infestation or disease and become a safety risk. In this instance we will inspect the tree's health, structure and viability and may consider removing the tree, in accordance with the Development Act 1993 and Council’s “Tree Removal Policy”.

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SA Power Networks - Trees and Powerlines

Council undertakes to maintain safe and accessible footpaths which have non slip, all weather surfaces for users and aims to provide a footpath on at least one side of every residential street and upgrade pedestrian ramps to current Australian Standards. To report a damaged footpath, go to our Online Services page.

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Refer to Council's Online Services website to report a faulty light in a council reserve or request upgraded lighting. Most street lights belong to SA Power Networks and should be reported to them directly.

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SA Power Networks

To commemorate the contribution of members of the community to the social, cultural or political aspects and the development of our City, we accept applications for memorial plaques on seating. A memorial plaque on seating helps recognise the contribution of a person (or persons) who has made a significant contribution to community, for example, as a member of a community group or sporting organisation, or as a volunteer. For more information refer to Councils Policy – Installation of memorial plaques on seats located on Councils Policies page. Applications for memorial plaques on seating must be received in writing refer Councils Memorial Seat application form located on Councils Forms page.