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Mobile Food Vendors

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is committed to supporting local business and recognises that mobile food vehicles can add to the vitality of our outdoor places and experiences.

Council has adopted a new Policy, see below, which enables mobile food vendors to apply for a permit to trade on public roads. The Policy is being trialled for a twelve month period.

Six sites have been identified and assessed as being suitable sites for mobile food vendors to trade.

The Location Map below identifies the five approved sites. Click on each dot on the map to see further information about trading on that site.

If a mobile food vendor identifies another site that they would like to trade in, we welcome enquiries and will conduct an assessment to determine the suitability.

Mobile food vendors policy(PDF, 381.47 KB)

Mobile food vendor checkin

How to apply?

Submit a fully completed Permit Application Form with all required information and required documents.

Fees will be invoiced after your permit application has been assessed and approved.

Fees are:
$100 per month
$1000 per year

Mobile food vender application form (PDF, 572.1 KB)