Materials Recovery Facility

At the end of August 2019, the Cities of Port Adelaide Enfield and Charles Sturt resolved to construct our own Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The exciting move to establish the MRF will enable our Councils to take control of management of the processing and disposal of our recyclable material, while adding value to the circular economy.

Since the Council resolution, we have been rapidly working through the process to make this happen and are now at a stage where we can provide an update on the project.

The following activities have been undertaken towards the establishment of the MRF:

  • Formation of the project team, steering committee and working groups, including relevant charters.
  • Engagement of relevant consultants to provide inputs to the development approval process. These cover a range of topics such as Traffic Management, Noise Pollution and Air Quality.
  • Preparation of the planning application.
  • Engagement with service authorities to arrange network upgrades required to provide sufficient utilities to the site.
  • Completion of an audit of what goes into the yellow bins within the two Councils so we know what will be arriving at our facility to process.
  • Commencement of investigations into the commodities markets that will be purchasing products our facility produces.
  • Release of an Expression of Interest to determine the relevant players within the marketplace who will be tendering on the design and construction of the facility, including plant and equipment.
  • Establishment of a regional subsidiary to oversee the facility endorsed by both Councils.

More recently our teams have been working rapidly to achieve some important milestones, including formally establishing the new subsidiary Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority (CAWRA). More information about CAWRA is available here.

The application to develop the MRF site in Kilburn was approved just before Easter in 2020, and we are now looking for design and construction proposals. The site itself is also being prepared, through the relocation of Council vehicles and other storage items from the site. Despite all of the recent challenges, we are still aiming to commence the construction of the facility later this year.

Construction of the MRF is our major project for 2020-2021, but this investment will pay off by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and allowing us to locally manage our recyclable materials.